Osama BADR


Professor of energy, with an international career, Pr Osama Badr is Head of the Mechanical Engineering Deparment


Dr. Osama Badr is currently a Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the French University in Egypt (UFE). In 1978, he obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, Canada. For the last 45 years, he has been working in the academic field with Auburn U. (USA), Lehigh U. (USA), United Arab Emirates U. (UAE), Qatar U., and BUE. He was the Mechanical Engineering Department Head in four universities: UAE U. (1993-1997), Qatar U. (2001-2006), BUE (2011-2015), and UFE (2015-Present).

He was chosen as a member of the United Nations Developing Program “Transfer of Know How through Expatriate Nationals”. He was awarded many prizes including the Teetor Educational Award from SAE (USA), Best Paper Award (Malaysia), and the Award for Excellence in Paper Presentation from the Int. Conf. Heat Transfer (USA). He served as the Vice Chair of the Emerging Energy Technology Committee of the ASME (USA).

He served as a consultant to several international and regional companies and organizations such as National Bureau of Standards (USA), Consolidated Edison Company of New York (NY, USA), Wikstron Machines, Inc. (NY, USA), Nabisco Inc. (NJ, USA), and Abacus Engineering (Calgary, Canada), Qatar Department of the Environment, Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Agriculture, Qatar Gas Company (Division of Safety and Loss Prevention), Al-Ain Water Recycling Plant (united Arab Emirates), Abu-Dhabi National Oil Company, Al-Nakheel Power Plant (United Arab Emirates), Al-Ain Compost Plant (United Arab Emirates).

Teaching areas

He taught many undergraduate courses such as Thermodynamics, Combustion, Fuels and Flames, Internal Combustion Engines, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Environmental Engineering, Mechanics (Statics, Dynamics), Design of Thermal Systems, and Measurements as well as the graduate courses: Combustion, Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. Furthermore, he taught short courses and workshops for practicing engineers such as Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring, Design and Operation of Combustion Equipment, the State of the Art in Pulse Combustion Technology, and Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings and Industrial Plants.

Research areas

His research interests are Energy Conversion and Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Combustion and Fuels, Internal Combustion Engines, and Environmental Impact of Energy Utilization. He published about 80 papers in International refereed Journals and Conferences. He was the Principal and Co- Principal Investigator of 14 sponsored research projects. He has been the Editor and Associate Editor of some Engineering Research Journals and acts as a Referee for a number of International Journals. He supervised some MSc and PhD students in the area of Energy


  • Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, Canada

Selected Publications

  • Abd Alla, Soliman, Badr, and Abd Rabbo, “Effect of Pilot Fuel Quantity on the Performance of a Dual Fuel Engine”, Int. J. Energy Conversion and Management, Pergamon, V. 41, No. 6, pp. 559-572, 2000.
  • 3. Badr and Ben, “Environmental Impact Assessment of a Ruptured Natural Gas Pipeline“, Int. J. Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacturing, ASME, V. 14, No. 4, 2010.
  • Badr and El-Farouk, “Formation of Dangerous Zones Due to Accidental Release of Liquefied Natural Gas in Egypt”, Int. J. Environmental Science and Development, V. 5, No. 1, 2014.