The French University of Egypt regularly organizes business forums that bring together mostly French and Egyptian companies.

They allow companies to meet and interact with students, to exchange with faculty and with the University’s administration. These privileged moments are a unique opportunity for all students to make themselves known, to apply for internships and to find their first job in the field and in the functions to which they aspire. They help bring the economic world closer to the University and enhance its identity and specific positioning, as well as the growing quality of its students.

  • Participate in the training improvement council: each year our partner companies participate in the improvement council which brings together professors, graduates and students to adapt our training offer to the evolution of the professions.
  • Financing scholarships for the most deserving students: by financing scholarships for the first students in each governorate, our partner companies promote access to higher education for all students on the basis of their academic results and facilitate their daily life (housing and social support).
  • Support a young entrepreneur from our incubator: the incubator reveals entrepreneurial talent by supporting the creation of a company. Thanks to their support, the partner companies encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Build the training of young people by participating in our work-study programs: apprenticeship is the best guarantee of having a job, a network and a professional culture. By supporting a student apprentice, the company is the training partner and together we create a link to train their employees of tomorrow. With apprenticeship, university training managers and companies have built a real unity of purpose for the students, in an environment that closely links the economic and academic worlds.
  • Founding a research chair: Research and teaching chairs contribute to the creation of knowledge and the emergence of innovative solutions. UFE aims to recruit the best professors to create new training programs related to the challenges of sustainable development. The support of partner companies is the assurance that our research serves common objectives.