Economics and Management

Bachelor in Economics and Management – Major in Management

Bachelor in Economics and Management – Major in Management

Partner university, Université de Nantes



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Awarding Bachelor Diploma of Université de Nantes

The Bachelor in economics and management is the program of choice to get essential knowledge in management and economics and to develop abilities in quantitative techniques in a miniul of 3 years of study.  Mastering quantitative methods is required to move to new positions such as business data analyst.

Through a gradual immersion into the professional world, as soon as during the second year of study, our students gets a 95% work integration within 12 months of graduation.

Objectives of the program

  • The challenge of the economics-management bachelor's degree, through a system of progressive professionalization, is that the student defines a professional project and pursues studies in economics or management.

The graduated student will become business development manager, assistant control manager, assitant financial manger, deputy finance manager, assistant project manager or assistant to the marketing director. After some years of experience he will be in capacity to move to managing position or to develop its own company.

Teaching Methodology

The first year of the Bachelor is focused on fundamentals for economic science and management with a strong preparation for the use of quantitative methods and tools.

The management major of the Bachelor of Economics and Management covers all the principles of the various fields: accounting, marketing, information systems, strategic management, and human resources.

The acquisition of professional competencies is brought through various activities :


  • An internship of a minimum of 6 weeks during the last year of bachelor
  • Several professional projects in connexion with companies
  • Meeting with businesspeople and alumni
  • A management simulation

A module to prepare a path to the career

Admission requirements

Education is bilingual either in French or in English. Students must master both languages at the end of their studies. To integrate UFE, students must demonstrate a minimum level either in English or French equivalent to B1 level. A mandatory pre-semester is organized before courses start.

Application evaluation with grades, a recommendation letter of the High School and a video presenting a personal statement (Who Am I, What do I like, Whom do I want to become,…)

International mobility

The Bachelor in Economics and Management is an accredited Licence from Université de Nantes. Some of the best students will have a possibility of mobility in Nantes for one semester.

After the program

The graduated student with a Bachelor Economics and Management can continue its studies at Master level in France and Europe. There is also possibility to enter the Master of Banking and Finance or the Master of Innovation from UFE.

Recommended requirements

Strong motivation (choosing us), mathematics and statistics interest, writing abilities and logical thinking, awareness about the world, autonomy and english language

Credits & Teaching language

180 Euroans Credits

French and English


The fees indicated are for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The fees shown are for the first year of the program at UFE only.
Fees for the 2021 – 2022 academic year: 84,000 EGP

« plus 170 euros to be paid to the partner university »

Pre-semester course
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6

Language 1

Language 2




Introduction to economic analysis

Introduction to management science

International economic systems and institutions

Introduction to law

Language 1

Mathematics 1 for business and economics

Mathematics 2( optional)

Language 2

Sport (optional)

Associative action (optional)

Macroeconomics 1

Microeconomics 1

General accounting 1

Statistics for economics- management 1

Economic history

Language 1

Language 2

Sport (optional)

Associative action (optinal)

Microeconomics 2

European economy

Organization and HR

General accounting 2

Labor Law

Monetary and banking economics

Financial mathematics

Mathematics 2 for business and economics

Computer Science 1

Language 1

Language 2

Sport (optional)

Associative action (optinal)

Macroeconomics 2

Economics of Organizations

Statistics for economics- management 2

Cost Accounting

Strategy Marketing and Information Systems

Principles of Finance

Professionnal project

Language 1

Computer Science 2

Language 2

Sport (optional)

Associative action (optional)

Financial management

Financial markets

Management control

Organization theory

Organization and HR 2

Project Management

Computer Science 3

Language 1

Language 2

Corporate law

Profesionnal mentoring

Professional conferences

Language 1

Language 2

Economics for Business

Economic sociology

Marketing data analysis



Operations management

Management quantitative techniques

Professionnal project


Management simulation