Interdisciplinary Research Lab

A University is a place of higher education but also a space of research which comes to enrich and update the teachings.

In accordance with its values of promoting a sustainable and united society, the French University of Egypt (UFE), has organized its research pole around 4 major axes that are sources of innovation and positive impacts while society is facing the need to achieve profound changes:

  • The circular economy
  • Frugal engineering
  • Digital multiculturalism
  • Sustainable mobility

These cross-cutting research areas allow UFE’s permanent faculty and doctoral students to conduct research in areas that are currently crucial for Europe as well as for Africa in general and for Egypt in particular, which is facing dynamic demographics, limited resources, and a climate crisis requiring changes in habits and technological breakthroughs.

At UFE, research not only enriches the teaching, but also makes students aware of the changes in the world today and teaches them to question themselves and ask the right questions.

Research at UFE is also the opportunity for numerous collaborations with the teacher-researchers of the consortium of partner universities. These collaborations encourage the exchange of good practices, in terms of research and pedagogy, and allow the creation of a useful network for responding to national or international calls for projects.

Research at UFE is evolving with an increase in the number of professors and researchers, the development of collaborative research with French industrialists in Egypt at first and with all interested Egyptian industrialists thereafter.

This evolution is based on the valorization of the knowledge and know-how of the professors-researchers through their publications and communications and by the organization of international conferences which make it possible to make the excellence of the research of the UFE shine even more widely at the national and international level. Thanks to the quality of its professors, UFE students receive a structured and continuously updated education.

Particular attention is paid to the transfer of knowledge acquired during research to the industrial world, through the filing of patents or the establishment of contractual and industrial research and the active participation of UFE’s teacher-researchers in the establishment and development of the incubator that is being created at the University, funded by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

Here are some examples of research conducted within the UFE:

  • Study of the influence of computer tools on translation and translatology
  • Study of the optimization of aluminum alloys with a view to reducing the weight of vehicles
  • Study of the use of artificial intelligence tools in translation
  • Difference between the development of the circular economy in France and Egypt
  • Development of new energy storage methods