The French higher education and research institutions that are partners of the French University of Egypt (UFE) are members of a dedicated consortium, which structures their cooperation with UFE.

The consortium’s mission is to:

  • To provide at least 1,800 hours per year of French visiting professors involved in UFE’s teaching and research
  • To train Egyptian doctoral students in French laboratories for their research and to obtain their doctorate, without research or registration fees
  • To support the operation of the research laboratories of the UFE

The consortium thus contributes to developing and coordinating cooperation with the UFE, in particular:

  • In terms of off-site and co-accredited French degree programs (by ensuring pedagogical quality through face-to-face and/or distance learning), research and innovation, particularly in conjunction with companies
  • To encourage the reception of staff, teachers and professors of the UFE, as well as students in mobility in its member institutions

The consortium is managed by one of its members, the coordinating institution, designated by the members’ governing bodies. This institution is in charge of the administrative and financial coordination of the consortium and acts on its behalf. It appoints a coordinator, a teacher-researcher for a 3-year term, who represents it and sits on the UFE’s supervisory board.