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About Université Française d’Égypte

The French University of Egypt (UFE) is a non-profit university with missions of multidisciplinary teaching, research and professional insertion. It is placed under the dual supervision of the Egyptian and French Ministries of Higher Education.

Teaching is in English to offer French university education to the Egyptian youth.

Founded in 2002 and strengthened by an intergovernmental agreement in 2019, it reflects the cooperation between the two countries to offer, from Egypt, a privileged access to French university education in a place aiming at excellence in training and research.

It offers university degrees in partnership with French universities, taught in French and English in various disciplines: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Mechanics, Architecture, Management, Social and Human Sciences, Information Systems (data analysis), Applied Foreign Languages.

The university is committed to developing internationally recognized academic research in connection with the economic, industrial and social environment.

UFE promotes the mobility of students and researchers. UFE students have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad. In reciprocity, UFE encourages students from partner universities to come and understand the Arab world and the specificities of new economies. UFE researchers are encouraged to collaborate with French laboratories while doctoral students will be enrolled in a double doctorate between Egypt and France.

The UFE campus is located in Shourouk, near the center of Cairo, New Cairo and the new capital. It is currently being expanded to accommodate initially 3,000 students by 2030, and eventually 7,000, according to the best world standards.

Our vision

To be the reference university in Egypt on subjects about global sustainable economic development in research and teaching.

To be the hub in Egypt of transdisciplinary research themes -such as the circular economy, the digitalization of Africa, sustainable mobility and frugal engineering.

To be a gateway for French higher education between Europe, Middle East and Africa in Cairo.

Our mission

The French University of Egypt (UFE) prepares future trilingual leaders in Africa (French, English, Arabic).

It offers university degrees taught in English, in collaboration with French partner universities which are listed in the most prestigious international university rankings.

UFE is building ongoing relationships with the business world in order to expand the possibilities for financing scholarships for excellence, internships and recruitment of its students and to adapt its offer to the evolution of the job market.

UFE contributes to the emergence of a new generation of leaders with a solid base of knowledge and a multicultural approach that is conducive to the opening of horizons. To this end, UFE encourages the mobility of its students and researchers in partner universities.

Our values

The values that guide the university are honesty, competence, creativity, multiculturalism and solidarity.

♦ Honesty to act with justice, transparency and modesty;

♦ Competence to build trust and credibility;

♦ Creativity to explore alternative paths in order to create value;

♦ Multiculturalism to confront the world’s cultural wealth in order to encourage mutual understanding;

♦ Commitment to support the brightest potential with limited financial resources.

Our strategy

♦ To bring French curriculum from their home universities to the UFE, in line with the skills needs in Egypt in engineering sciences, computer science and artificial intelligence, responsible management, social sciences, architecture and applied languages.

♦ To create a holistic approach for research on topics of greater social responsibility: circular economy, frugal engineering, cultural digitization and sustainable mobility.

♦ To recruit a highly qualified faculty staff in connection with the research themes of the university and in relation to the economic and social world.

Our 3 Assets


French Education with Bachelor degrees in 3 years, recognized in Europe and accredited in Egypt


Teaching is in English with opportunity to learn French


An international degree and a career just after graduation



Université Française D’ÉGYPTE (UFE)

    21 Ismailia Desert Road
    Ville Shorouk, Le Caire
    02 20302252 – 02 20302036