Baccalaureos Of Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Baccalaureos of mechanical engineering

Partner university, Uniervsity of Haute Alsace

Type de partnership :

Double Degree Certificate : Egyptian degree, with recognition par the Egyptian Engineer Syndicate, and participation in teaching from the partner university with further study in France for a Master

The program is to provide a quality education covering a broad spectrum of Mechanical Engineering specialty areas that prepares students to effectively apply engineering knowledge to the evaluation, design, operation, and maintenance of integrated governmental, industrial, and service systems.

The program prepares for several professions, in particular automotive engineer, energy system engineer, control and instrumentation engineer, Mechatronics engineer, Maintenance engineer.

Objectives of the program

  • • Provide the skills and knowledge required for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of mechanical and energy systems and be able to apply them in a work environment.
  • • Be able to professionally utilize information technology, mathematical and computational solutions, modern experimental techniques, and data analysis in solving practical problems.
  • • Be able to formulate problems, think creatively, and synthesize information as practiced professionally in local industry as well as regionally and globally.
  • • Be able to fit in various working environments through effective oral and written communication skills and multidisciplinary team work ability.
  • • Be able to integrate academic learning with field practice in order to promote professional development, career planning, and engagement in life-long learning.
  • • Understand and abide by the code of ethics adopted by employers and professional societies.

Teaching Methodology


The program takes place over five years, including two preparatory years (PREP). Students follow 48 courses (43 compulsory + 5 elective) + Graduation Project + 30 courses in the two PREP Years.


Before the end of semester 4, the program announces an orientation session for PREP 2 students. The deadline for the students to make their choice of a program (PEC or TIC) is two weeks after the end of final exams of semester 4. the end of semester 7, the program announces the elective courses for PEC 4 students. The deadline to choose their elective courses is the end of final exams of S7.


The program has one major, Mechanical Engineering. But it offers from the fourth year three specializations: Production, Energy and Mechatronics (Control) (PEC). Each student must choose one course from these specializations as a major and one course from a second specialization as a minor.

Internships and projects

The Program has a Protocol with Egypt Gulf Elevators & Escalators Company regarding training its students and employing its graduates. Program students are also encouraged to perform summer training in local and/or international companies.

Admission requirements

Education is bilingual either in French or in English. Students must master both languages at the end of their studies. To integrate UFE, students must demonstrate a minimum level either in English or French equivalent to B1 level. A mandatory pre-semester is organized before courses start.

Application evaluation with grades, a recommendation letter of the High School and a video presenting a personal statement (Who Am I, What do I like, Whom do I want to become,…)

After admission, final registration is final after meeting criteria for all engineering programs, including the TIC, set by the Ministry of Higher Education. The candidate must obtain 80% in the baccalaureate. All students are admitted to a first year of preparation (PREP 1). Those interested in the Technology of Informatics and communication Program should pursue a second preparatory year. At the end of PREP 2, students choose their specialty with new admission criteria.

Admission process

The admission period open on April 25th till June 30th. Future students must apply both on the website of the MOSHER and on UFE website. Once the admission fee is paid, the procedure is fully online : interview, documents deposit and language evaluation.

International mobility

The program has signed a protocol of student exchange with Montpellier University, in France. In addition, some of the senior year students conduct their Master thesis at our French partner university of Haute Alsace and other places in Europe.

After the program

Most of the sophomore (year 4) students are admitted to the Master Program of the Partner University (Haute Alsace). Thus, at the end of year 5 they complete both PEC BSc degree and the Partner Master degree simultaneously. The double degrees allow graduates to pursue a PhD degree internationally.

Credits & Teaching language

300 Euroans Credits

French and English

Certification body

Senior stuudents conduct a major graduation project possibly in collaboration with local or international industrial organizations. Once they graduate, they are certified by the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.


The fees indicated are for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The fees shown are for the first year of the program at UFE only.
Fees for the 2021 – 2022 academic year: 84,000 EGP

Pre-semester course
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Semester 9
Semester 10
Language 1
Language 2
Physics 1
Mathematics 1
Computer Sciences 1
Mechanics 1
Technical Drawing 1
Production Engineering
French Language for Engineers1
English Language for Engineers1*
Sport and Cultural Activities
Mathematics 2
Physics 2
Mechanics 2
Computer Sciences 2
Technical Drawing 1
French Language for Engineers1
English Language for Engineers1
Sport and Cultural Activities
Mathematics 3
Thermodynamics 1
Mechanics 3
Introduction to Signals and Systems
Technical Drawing 2
French Language
English Language
Sport and Cultural Activities
Mathematics 4
Physics 4
Theory of Structures
Materials Properties & Testing
Fluid Mechanics 1
French Language
English Language
Sports and Cultural Activities
Probability and Statistics
Thermodynamics 2
Stress Analysis
Fluid Mechanics 2
Sensors, Measurements, and Data Acquisition Systems
Engineering Economy
English Language
Sports and Cultural Activities
Machining Technology and Theory
Metallurgy and Non Metallic Materials
Heat and Mass Transfer
Numerical Analysis
Design 1
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Engineering
Logic Control Systems and PLC’s
Gas Dynamics
Communication Skills
English Language
Sports and Cultural Activities

Design 2

Materials and Process Selection

Electric Power Engineering

Forming Technology and Theory

Combustion Technology

Process Control and Servo Systems

Renewable Energy


Legislation 1

English Language

Sports and Cultural Activities

Statistical Quality Control
Operations Research
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Internal Combustion Engines
Fluid Machines
Legislation 2
English Language
Sports and Cultural Activities
Production Planning and Control (Specialization: Production)
Conventional Thermal Power Plants (Specialization: Energy)
Simulation of Dynamic Systems (Specialization: Automatic Control)
Project Management
Total Quality Management
Control Systems Technology
Mechanical Vibrations
Sports and Cultural Activities
Students specialized in Production have to choose all the following three courses:
Facilities Planning
Work Analysis and Measurement
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Students specialized in Energy have to choose all the following three courses:

Process Engineering
Nuclear Power Plants
Students specialized in Automatic Control have to choose all the following three courses:

AI techniques in Control Engineering
Introduction to Mechatronics
Graduation Project