Applied Foreign Languages Department


  • The Department of Applied Foreign Languages prepares trilingual graduates in French, English, and Arabic in specialty areas such as translation, economics, law, computer science, business and marketing.
  • At the end of three years, the student obtains a Bachelor’s degree from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, recognized in Europe and by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
  • This department is in permanent contact with companies but also with international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
  • The work methods allow the student to acquire professional values such as autonomy, project management, teamwork, analytical and synthetic thinking, and problem solving.
  • The professional opportunities in this department are diverse: specialized translation, e-commerce, marketing, human resources, import-export, diplomacy, tourism, work in NGOs and international organizations.
  • The department prepares students well for the challenges of today’s world, as it instills professional values in them from the first year of university, namely punctuality, meeting deadlines, seriousness and efficiency.
  • The pedagogical practices followed by the department’s teachers contribute to successful professional integration. Examples include the autonomy of learning provided to students, the permanent link between the content studied and the professional world, teamwork, interaction in class, analysis of errors, etc.

Management and animation of the Department

  • The department is headed by Dr. Yasmine Barsoum. Dr. Yasmine Barsoum obtained her PhD in language sciences entitled “Study of a bilingual terminology (French-Arabic) of intellectual property law on the Internet” at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has been working at the French University of Egypt since 2003 and is specialized in bilingual terminology. She is a member of the International Association of Applied Foreign Languages (AILEA). She has participated in international conferences in different countries including France, Spain, Austria, Algeria, Romania, etc.
  • The LEA department is led by a team of Egyptian and European lecturers, most of whom hold European doctorates. Among these professors are Prof. Dima El Husseini specialized in translation and holder of a PhD from the University of Paris-Sorbonne Paris-IV, Dr. Yasmine Barsoum specialized in terminology and holder of a PhD from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Dr. Sarah Chatti specialized in language sciences and logometrics and holder of two PhDs from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle and the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
  • The lecturers publish scientific research useful for the teaching of LEA modules. For example, in terminology, Dr. Yasmine Barsoum has published research entitled “Modern technologies in the service of specialized translation: a terminologist’s vision”, “For an efficient teaching of bilingual terminology”. In the field of translation, Prof. Dima El Husseini published the research papers entitled “Professional translation in the Arab-Egyptian market: what is the profile of the translator”, “Training in the field of translation in applied languages”.

French partner universities and courses

  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages – Translation option (En & Fr & Arabic) – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages – International Trade Option (En & Fr & Arabic) – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Master Languages and Electronic Commerce (En & Fr & Arabic) – Université de Franche-Comté – Opening September 2024