The Campus

The French University of Egypt (UFE) has been located in Shourouk since 2002, a strategic geographical point 45 km from downtown Cairo, 30 km from New Cairo and 25 km from the new capital.

Its campus is made up of a historic building of approximately 8,500 m2 with large glassed-in spaces that open up the volume, a patio with trees that is a source of calm and freshness, common areas for conviviality, a cafeteria and a soccer field. Particular care has been taken to enhance the green spaces.

The campus is served by 10 bus lines dedicated to students and managed by UFE. It is also accessible by public transport (LRT and metro).

UFE offers single or double rooms in student villas in the immediate vicinity of the university. The villas, for girls as well as for boys, are quiet and have a garden. They are equipped with all the modern comforts, they are maintained and guarded. The students in residence are accommodated in good conditions to do their studies and share a student life in small communities.

The campus and student housing provide a familiar and reassuring atmosphere for young people who have just left high school and are entering a university.