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We create an exceptional and unique educational space. The Université Française d’Égypte is the first French international and modern institution to serve Egyptian and African students in many scientific and literary sectors. We not only want to improve the lives of our students, but we also hope to contribute to the cause of education on the whole continent.

Featured Programs in UFE

Most of the sophomore (year 4) students are admitted to the Master Program of the Partner University (Haute Alsace). Thus, at the end of year 5 they complete both Mechanical Engineering BSc degree and the Partner Master degree simultaneously. The double degrees allow graduates to pursue a PhD degree internationally.


Our future architects are able to meet the needs of the international market in general and the Egyptian one in particular, especially in the field of sustainable development. The program provides employment for students through internships taken during the years of study. The majority of them are hired by the companies where they did their internships or in other French companies or agencies established in Egypt, such as Total, Lafarge and Vinci.


The master teaches students to do research in international relations. It opens the way to the professions of researcher and teacher for those who opt at the end of their studies to develop and write a research thesis. It also gives them the possibility of doing an internship in a research center.

To master two foreign languages (French and English) and their idiomatic words in law, economics, management and computer science.

To master translation techniques in economics and international trade.


The graduated student will become business development manager, assistant control manager, assistant financial manager, deputy finance manager, assistant project manager or assistant to the marketing director.

After some years of experience, he will be in capacity to move to managing position or to develop its own company.




The Bacaloreos in Computer Engineering aims to train specialists and professionals, mastering both fundamental computer skills and modern techniques of today and able to assimilate those of tomorrow. It includes two options: computing and artificial intelligence.

The graduates exercise the professions of developer, consultant, study and development engineer, decision-making engineer, team leader, project manager, data scientist, network administrator, security manager, software architect, etc.,

L'Université Française d'Égypte (UFE)

More about UFE

Université Française d’Égypte (UFE) is a higher education institution under the dual supervision of Egyptian and French ministries of higher education. It is a multidisciplinary establishment. It covers engineering sciences, computer science and artificial intelligence, management, social sciences, architecture and applied languages. Bilingual education, in French and English, provided in an Arabic-speaking environment, promotes cultural exchanges. The UFE is prefered university for Franco-Egyptian scientific cooperation open to all of Africa and the Middle East. The university’s scientific research program aims to connect European expertise with Middle Eastern and African researchers to define new solutions and approaches. The UFE is an academic melting pot, which fosters scientific cooperation – attracting diverse subjects to the region.

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