Applied Languages Faculty

Applied Languages include the study of foreign languages, in depth in specialized fields of application. This multidisciplinary field, open to the business world, has become increasingly important in a globalized world. The mastery of languages, and of the culture and history that underlie them, facilitates exchanges and the localization of companies and organizations.

The Faculty of Applied Languages at UFE applies French, Arabic and English to the most sought-after areas of the market, namely economics, law, communication, international trade techniques and specialized translation. These three languages are among the most widely spoken in the world. French and English are the only languages spoken on all 5 continents. Africa has nearly 60% of French speakers. Egypt is by far the largest Arabic-speaking country in the world.

The Faculty of Applied Languages is Headed by Dr. Yasmine Barsoum.

Departments attached to the Faculty :

  • Applied Foreign Languages
  • Trade and international relations