Master Degree

Master of International Relations

Master of International Relations

Partner university, Grenoble Institute of political studies (Sciences Po Grenoble)

Type de partnership :

Partnership with Grenoble Institute of political studies (Sciences Po Grenoble) – mobility and exchange semester

The master’s program in International Relations was established in partnership with the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Grenoble). The degree is accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Research in partnership with University of Alexandria.

This professional-oriented master’s degree is aimed at students and workers from all walks of life, interested in international politics. It trains for international professions: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international organizations, bilateral cooperation institutions, multinational firms, humanitarian associations, media …

Objectives of the program

  • Learn to analyze international news and politics as well as global geopolitics.
  • Be able to develop critical thinking and acquire the method and knowledge necessary for formulating a problem in international politics.
  • Understand the foreign policies of the great powers and of the main actors in the Arab world and the Middle East.
  • Learn to identify the main currents and the deep political, economic, security and cultural forces that shape the world today.

The master teaches students to do research in international relations. It opens the way to the professions of researcher and teacher for those who opt at the end of their studies to develop and write a research thesis. It also gives them the possibility of doing an internship in a research center.

Teaching Methodology


The master takes place over two years. The courses and seminars start at the end of September and end at the end of May of each academic year.


The first year (M1) – ie the first two semesters, takes place in Egypt, where the fundamental lessons in international relations are given. The second year (M2) is a year of specialization. It can be done: In Egypt, the delocalized M2 program is placed under the theme “International organizations and development in the Mediterranean and the Middle East”. In France, the students can complete their master’s degree in mobility in one of the three professional specializations offered by Sciences Po Grenoble (international organizations, European governance, integration and change in the Mediterranean and the Middle East).


Semester 4 is dedicated either to a professional internship or to research work, both leading to a dissertation.

Internships and

The internship is optional and takes place at the end of the program (4th semester). It is chosen if the student opts for a professional path. It must be carried out for a minimum of three months and gives rise to the drafting of an internship report supported in front of a jury.

Admission requirements

The selection for entry into the first year (M1) is as follows:

  • Pre-selection on file: CV, cover letter, copy of the last diploma as well as the transcript.
  • Educational interview

• Online French language assessment test. Students of French mother tongue, students for whom French is the official language of their country and students holding the French baccalaureate or DELF B2 are exempt from the French test.

Admission process

Applications are made from March on sending the file by email.

  • The pre-selected candidates are notified by email from the beginning of June.
  • The dates of the educational interview and the French language assessment test are notified to candidates by email. They take place in June, July and August.

• Admissions are notified to candidates by email after the educational interview and the French test.

International mobility

Students can choose mobility during the 1st semester of M2 or the entire second year at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, the French partner of the master’s program.

After the program

The master allows the pursuit of a PhD studies.

Credits & Teaching language

120 Euroans Credits

French langouge

Recommended Requirements

Good general culture


The fees indicated are for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The fees shown are for the first year of the program at UFE only.
Fees for the 2021 – 2022 academic year: 84,000 EGP



Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4

– Theories of international relations

– History of International Relations

– International organizations: United Nations system

– Public International Law

– Comparative political systems

– Geopolitics of the Middle East

– Conference of Methodology on international politics

– History of political ideas


– Comparative foreign policies

– Defense and security policies

– International criminal law

– International human rights law

– International political economy

– Geopolitics of the European Union

– French for international negotiations

– Sociology of international organizations

– Foreign policies of major players in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

– Humanitarian action policies

– International negotiation

– Regional issues

– Statistics of international organizations

– Professional seminar: setting up projects

– Professional seminar: Micro-finance

research thesis or internship report