Admission Requirements

Required High School degree

Applicants will meet the following requirements.

High School Certificate/ Majors Business & Applied Languages Engineering
General Egyptian High School Certificate (Thanawiya Amma) / STEM/STEAM Schools / AlAzhar Minimum overall score of 53% Minimum overall score of 68% (Math, Physics and Chemistry)
IGCSE 8 O Levels (Including English & Math), Minimum grade: C 8 O Levels (Including English, Math, Physics & Chemistry) Minimum grade C + Math AS and/or A Level minimum grade C
American Diploma and STEM/STEAM Cumulative GPA from G10-G12 2.0 + SATI (800+) or ACTI (14) or ESTI (800+) passing score Cumulative GPA from G10-G12 2.0 (including subjects Math, Physics & Chemistry and scoring 70% or above) + SATI (1150+) or ACTI (23+) or ESTI (1150+) and SATII (800+) or ACTII (14+) or ESTII (800+)
IB Diploma 24 for any 6 subjects (Including English & Math) 32 with Math, Physics and Chemistry taken at the Standard Level (SL) with a minimum score of 3 and Math taken at the Higher Level (HL) with a minimum score of 3
French Baccalauréat 10 (Including English & Math) 14 with Math, Physics and Chemistry with a minimum score of 10
German Abitur 3.7+ 2.7+ Pass Math, Physics and Chemistry
Canadian Diploma Minimum overall score of 55% Minimum overall score of 70% (Math, Physics and Chemistry)

Required language level

Teaching is in English. A bilingual option is offered at the beginning of the university year to familiarize students with teaching in English. Students can choose between English and French for certain courses in the first and second semesters of the first year. On admission, all students must prove a minimum level of B1 in English.

The following table gives equivalence between the various evaluations.

Tableau d’équivalence des tests de langues

CECRL TOEIC Cambridge ESOL Exams IELTS PTE TOEFL Cbt TOEFL Paper version
C2 CPE 8,0-9,0 5 250-267 600-630
C1 945+ CAE 6,5-7,5 4 227-247 565-599
B2 785-944  FCE 5,0-6,0 3 180-226 505-564
B1 550-784 PET 3,5-4,5 2 123-179 440-504
A2 225-549 KET 3 1 90-122 390-439
A1 120-224 A1 33-89 310-389

If you have an international high school certificate such as IGCSE, SAT/ACT/EST, BACC, IB, Canadian Diploma and German Abitur you do not have to take an exam. For Egyptian general high school certificate (Thanawiya Amma), you will have to submit a certificate of English Language proficiency with a good academic standing.

Students admitted to the Sorbonne Nouvelle’s applied foreign language bachelor’s program must also present a score in French.

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