Baccalaureos Of Engineering

Computer engineering

Bacaloreos of computer engineering

Partner University, Université de Haute Alsace et Université Technologique de Compiègne

Double Degree Certificate : Egyptian degree, with recognition par the Egyptian Engineer Syndicate, and participation in teaching from the partner university with further study in France for a Master

The Computer Engineering program aims to train specialists and professionals, mastering both fundamental computer skills and modern techniques of today and able to assimilate those of tomorrow.

It includes two options: computing and artificial intelligence. The graduates exercise the professions of developer, consultant, study and development engineer, decision-making engineer, team leader, project manager, data scientist, network administrator, security manager, software architect, etc., in different sectors of activities such as consultancy, service and education companies.

Graduates also have the possibility of continuing their studies in master’s and PhD, in order to become a teacher and / or researcher.

Objectives of the program

  • Train specialists in technical trades that correspond to the needs of companies.
  • Provide technological education, internships and projects directly related to market needs.
  • Put students in real situations and improve their sense of teamwork.
  • Train students in autonomy, initiative and organization.

The Baccalaureos of Architecture prepares to the architect carreer. Our future architects are able to meet the needs of the international market in general and the Egyptian one in particular, especially in the field of sustainable development. The program provides employment for students through internships taken during the years of study. The majority of them are hired by the companies where they did their internships or in other French companies or agencies established in Egypt, such as Total, Lafarge and Vinci.

Teaching Methodology

The courses within the TIC department are of the following types:

–   Lectures

–   Tutorials

–   Practical work on machines or computers

–   Project-based learning

–   Project Graduation

The department promotes the use of innovative teaching methods in learning.

Internships and

Students must do internships during their studies and an end-of-studies project in a company or a research laboratory

Admission requirements

Education is bilingual either in French or in English. Students must master both languages at the end of their studies. To integrate UFE, students must demonstrate a minimum level either in English or French equivalent to B1 level.

A mandatory pre-semester is organized before courses start.
Application evaluation with grades, a recommendation letter of the High School and a video presenting a personal statement (Who Am I, What do I like, Whom do I want to become,…)

After admission, final registration is final after meeting criteria for all engineering programs, including the TIC, set by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The candidate must obtain 80% in the baccalaureate. All students are admitted to a first year of preparation (PREP 1). Those interested in the Technology of Informatics and communication Program should pursue a second preparatory year.

At the end of PREP 2, students choose their specialty with new admission criteria.

Admission process

The admission period open on April 25th till June 30th. Future students must apply both on the website of the MOSHER and on UFE website. Once the admission fee is paid, the procedure is fully online : interview, documents deposit and language evaluation.

International mobility

Students can apply to international exchange program among the network of partner universities from UFE

After the program

The baccaloreos allows the pursuit of master’s studies as well as a PhD.

Credits & Teaching language

300 Euroans Credits

French and English

Certification body

The diploma received is certified by the syndicates: Electronic and telecommunications engineering, and computer engineering


The fees indicated are for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The fees shown are for the first year of the program at UFE only.
Fees for the 2021 – 2022 academic year: 84,000 EGP

Pre-semester course
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5

Language 1

Language 2




Physics 1

Mathematics 1

Computer Sciences 1

Mechanics 1

Technical Drawing 1

Production Engineering

French Language for Engineers1

English Language for Engineers1*

Sport and Cultural Activities

Mathematics 2

Physics 2

Mechanics 2

Computer Sciences 2

Technical Drawing 1


French Language for Engineers1

English Language for Engineers1

Sport and Cultural Activities


Mathematics 3

Thermodynamics 1

Mechanics 3

Introduction to Signals and Systems

Technical Drawing 2


French Language

English Language

Sport and Cultural Activities

Mathematics 4

Physics 4


Theory of Structures

Materials Properties & Testing

Fluid Mechanics 1


French Language

English Language

Sports and Cultural Activities

Materials and Electronic Devices
Signals and Systems
Object-oriented programming
Logic Design
Engineering economy
Sports and cultural activities