Mechanics Department


  • The Mechanics department trains engineers in mechanics and mechatronics (science that combines electronics, electrical engineering, automation and mechanics).
  • Its training courses cover subjects related to mechanics, energy management and production, automation, manufacturing and industrialization of products, systems and services.
  • UFE’s Mechanical/Mechatronics engineers work in the design office, in manufacturing and manufacturing management as well as in maintenance. Their complete skills in automation and mechanics allow them to approach complex and simple products, systems and services at all stages of their development. A sensitivity to entrepreneurship and the social and solidarity economy contributes to giving UFE engineers a profile of competent, efficient and humane managers.
  • The Mechanical Department provides students with a solid theoretical foundation coupled with a teaching approach in which the project plays an important role.
  • Throughout their training, students are confronted with industrial problems that they learn to solve while taking into account environmental and societal constraints.
  • Through the UFE, they benefit from a close relationship with industry and are confronted with its current problems through internships (in 1ère , 3ème and 5ème years) which facilitates the professional integration of graduates.

Management and animation of the Department

  • The Department of Mechanics is headed by Professor Osama Badr, who has more than 30 years of experience in renowned American universities. He is surrounded by a young and dynamic team of internationally recognized lecturers. The recognized work of Pr Osama Badr in the field of energy makes him an important actor of the UFE Research Laboratory on the research topics dedicated to Frugal Engineering, Sustainable Mobility and Circular Economy.
  • The Department welcomes, among others, Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz, who obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and who also enjoys worldwide recognition, specifically in the field of aluminum research. His close connections with the industrial world allow him to offer students projects with an industrial connotation and plant visits. Dr. Adbelaziz is regularly invited to present his research in international symposiums and conferences.
  • UFE is home to the UFEID Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory. All the research professors of the Mechanical Department are part of this Laboratory. The Laboratory has 4 main research axes: Circular Economy, Frugal Engineering, Digitalization and Multiculturalism and Sustainable Mobility.
  • According to these axes, some teachers-researchers of the Mechanical Department have set up an international research program, in collaboration with one of the UFE’s partner universities, on the reinforcement of construction materials with waste from agriculture. This project, which is currently being developed, is promising because it addresses three issues that make it possible to link agriculture and construction: revalorizing a resource considered as waste, providing additional income to farmers and developing an environmentally responsible construction material.

French partner universities and degrees

  • Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering and Master in Mechatronics – University of Haute Alsace