Fees for newcomers in fall 2023.

Standard fee
Engineering  135 000  EGP
Business and IS  125 000  EGP
Applied Languages  115 000  EGP

Scholarships and special arrangements for the preferred schools are available. Call 17054

  • UFE offers merit-based scholarships that can cover 15 to 25% of the tuition fees based on academic achievements in high school certificate scores. Preferred schools protocols and other offers can cover up to 35%.
  • The French Embassy and international companies sponsor also a full Scholarship programs for top performers at Thanawyama. Please register

In addition to the fees mentioned above an additional fee is added for French partner universities per year for bachelor programs and for the master’s programs as well that is charged in Euros (between 170 and 243 euros).

Students are registered at the French partner universities are issued students cards from both universities.

The basic currency is the EGP, any student who wants to pay his/her tuition fees in EUR or Dollars based on the currency rate of the CBE on the same day of payment, and the student repays the same currency in which he/she first paid, and it’s not allowed to change the currency in the middle of the year whatever the reason. For payment in dollars, the rate is its equivalent to the euro at the daily dollar/euro rate when indicated.