Mohamed Abdelaziz

Mohamed Abdelazziz

Assistant Professor

Founding Director of MinVent and coordinator of the Safir Project


Dr. Abdelaziz is an Assistant Professor and Researcher in the field of Materials Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies. He received his PhD from University of Quebec, Canada (2018), his MSc and BSc in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt. Mohamed joined Mechanical Engineering Department at Université Française d’Égypte (UFE) in September 2019 and he acted as the academic supervisor for Enactus UFE during 2020-2021. Currently, he is the director of UFE-Incubator and coordinator of Safir project which grants UFE a fund to establish an incubator with a social impact.

Dr. Abdelaziz works on number of research projects focusing on development & characterization of aluminum alloys, and building advanced testing machines with international academic partners (such as: UHA, UQAC, ETS, UQAT, Saint-Mary University, etc.) and co-advising PhD and MSc students. He coauthored more than 25 journal articles, 4 book chapters, and delivered several oral presentations in international conferences.

He is a consultant for CANEX aluminum where he is working on several industrial projects with international industry partners focusing on enhancing the behavior and extending lifetime of extrusion dies, optimizing heat treatments and related furnace designs, recycling of aluminum profiles, heat recovery systems, and others.

Teaching Area

His teaching areas are Manufacturing Technologies (Machining, forming, CNC, metal casting, welding, and advanced techniques), Materials Science and Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Professional Project Courses, and Engineering Graphics and Drawings.  

Research Areas

His research activities focus on the development of advanced testing machines, additive manufacturing, advanced characterization of cast aluminum alloys, and recycling of aluminum alloys aiming at reducing harmful emissions and promoting sustainable and greener societies.


  • PhD from University of Quebec, Canada
  • MSc and BSc in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt

Last significant publications

  • Abdelaziz MH, Samuel AM, Doty HW, Songmene V, Samuel FH Mechanical Performance and Precipitation Behavior in Al-Si-Cu-Mg Cast Alloys: Effect of Prolonged Thermal Exposure Materials. 2022; 15(8):2830.
  • Samuel, A.M., Abdelaziz, M.H., Doty, H.W., Samuel, F.H. Metallurgical Parameters Controlling Fragmentation and Spheroidization Processes of Eutectic Si Particles in Al-Si Cast Alloys Inter Metalcast (2021).