She Stole the Show with her Pharaonic Features. Who is Aya Al-Ghariani, the TV Presenter of the Royal Mummies Parade?

With make-up accentuating her pharaonic features – favoring dark-colored contour, and elaborate make-up on the top of the eyelids, in shades of blue – complemented by loose hair, the media star, Aya Al-Ghariani, shined during the televised broadcast of the Royal Mummies Parade. The presenter chose a dress, in a simple golden color, accessorized with golden jewelry, as well as a “headpiece” studded with stones.

The presenter, demonstrated her skills to speak with high tact, attracting global praise for her ability to masterfully present the historic event. Aya Gharyani studied at the Faculty of Applied Languages at the Université Française d’Égypte (UFE). Later, she completed her last year of studies at the Sorbonne University in France.

She started her career as a broadcaster on the “Cairo and the People” satellite channel. Shortly after, she was chosen by DMC to present news bulletins, before co-hosting DMC’s “8 AM” program. She began presenting lifestyle segments during the program, before proceeding to present other news segments. She currently presents the “Light Show” program, an artistic program, specialized in entertainment and celebrity news.


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